The Foundation funded 17 grants for 2012, totaling $44,608. Congratulations to all grant recipients.

2012 Geneva Academic Foundation Teacher Grants 

Judith Wehrmeister- Mill Creek(Building Technology Coordinator)

2 portable document cameras $1000.00

-Janet Nothnagel-GMSN-PE and Lisa Gratz-Nurse

Portable Active/Passive Hand Bike and Footrest -$1,941.00

-Amy Korus Kindergarten Booster held at Heartland

Building Blocks and Learning Capet $1,111.33

-AL Ochsner-Art Department Geneva High School

Color Printer and 3 toner cartridges $2300.00

-Jason Santo-GHS

Camera Upgrades technology-$13,5000

-Shonette Sims-Principal Harrison St. School

Kathy Durrenberger, Brenda Bevans, Mallory Nemes (All Resource Teachers)

Manipulatives to Improve Focus and Attention in School $571.69

-Katie Thorpe- Fabyan Elementary

Lightspeed Portable Infrared Audio System-$3,400.00

-Frank Martin, Cheryl Dispensa and John Nickelson (GHS Chemistry)

S.P.A.R.K. Science Learning System-$5,577.45

-Jamie Dunlap- Business Ed Teacher- GHS

Smart board $1,900.00

-Mary Bowman and Ann Cardile-Western Ave

-Smart board $1,900.00

-Martha Behlow and Pam Cabeen- French Teachers at GHS

Performance "Moliere Than Thou" $1,750.00

-Sara DeMartino (Family and Consumer Sciences Educator-GHS)

Smart Board $1,900.00

-Doug Dexler-Associate Principals GHS

2 Juno Amplification devices- $1,950.00

-Jerel Waide-Director of Student Services

Program "Chit Chat/Mom and Dad Chat" $1,000.00

-Dawn Gargano (Special Ed. Teacher in GATE program and Special Ed Instructional Coordinator)--

3 Stand Up Desks $1,404.00

-Heather Engelhart-Heartland Elementary

4 Portable Document Cameras-$2,400.00

-Mark Flodstrom-GHS

DeWalt 13" Heavy Duty Planer and Powermatic PM 701 Bench Top Mortiser$1,146.00