The Foundation funded 16 grants for 2018, totaling $29,936. Congratulations to all grant recipients.
2018 Geneva Academic Foundation Teacher Grants 
  • Bee-Bots For Multi Content Area Learning $835 Brooke Helmlinger Western Ave School
  • FAST Classroom Ipad Set $1744 Haley Moroni  Middle School South 
  • Makerspace $2500 Sarah Vester and Renee Lefevre Harrison St School  


  • Modeling Magnificant Molecules $2574 Elise Sarnelli Middle School North and South


  • Playground Stencil $1358 Cathy Fechner Williamsburg School


  • Collaborative Work Spaces For Fifth Grade Students $1200 Kelly Pender Mill Creek School


  • Music Technology for Disabled  $6500 Ryan Kastel Mill Creek School


  • MIMIO Teach  $884 Meggan Hagemann Fabyan School


  • Williamsburg Broadcast video editing $2438 Carl Huffman Williamsburg School


  • STEAM Lab mobile storage cart $534 Jeannine Mcdonald Fabyan School


  • PRIDE: Supporting Citizen Volunteer Involvement In Our Schools $1000  Karen Hayes  ALL schools


  • Foot Fidgets For The Active Child: Alternative Seating For The Active Child $949 Nicolette Pollack Harrison St School


  • Student Art In The Commons $1400 Al Ochsner High School


  • Greenhouse Hydroponics - LED Lighting System $4500 Jason Lesatz High School


  • Breakout Boxes for Special Education Department $800 Lynn Horrigan High School


  • Food Cycler - Indoor Composting Machine $717 Emma Cole High School