Geneva Academic Foundation

5 Year Plan 

Foundation 2020



GAF: Providing a Bridge to our Future by Enriching the Classroom

We are enriching the educational experience of our children by providing a bridge to meet the common objectives between the District 304 Administrators, Educational Staff, Teachers, Students, Parents, Community, and the Businesses of Geneva through our dedication to service, leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit.


Geneva Academic Foundation (GAF) strives to provide students new educational experiences, ideas, and opportunities by funding grants for technology, services, programs and equipment for teachers, schools and classrooms throughout Geneva Community school District 304, grades K through 12.



The grants are based upon teacher requests for their classrooms. These innovative and supplemental educational resources provide benefits to students at each school in Geneva.

The Geneva Academic Foundation is an independent, 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization led by an all - volunteer board. We seek sources of private funding to support this mission. We raise money with a variety of fundraisers throughout the year for items beyond the scope of taxpayer funding including annual grants, scholarships and an endowment fund.

We are dedicated to enriching the educational experience of our children through the advancement of relationships, partnerships, membership and stewardship.


To reach our Mission, We Value:
  • Relationships … with the Parents, Community, Businesses, District Administration, Educational Staff, School Board, Alumni, Teachers, Students

  • Partnerships … with Geneva District304 and other organizations

  • Membership … individuals donating time, talent, or resources to our mission

  • Stewardship … ownership of our mission

Since 1987, the role of the GAF in Geneva has been to provide an ongoing bridge to academic enrichment for all students across all schools in the district. We provide larger funding to projects aligned with all District 304 schools and not funded by tax dollars, as compared to the PTOs and Booster clubs which are aligned with individual schools.


The Geneva Academic Foundation Mission supports The Geneva Community Unit School District 304 stated Purpose, Vision, and Goals found in the guide named District Goals Booklet 2014/2015.


District304 Purpose

To educate students within an environment that encourages the desire to learn and that meets the unique academic, personal, physical, and social needs of each individual.

District304 Vision

For all students to become self-directed, life-long learners; effective communicators; complex, creative, and adaptive thinkers; and collaborative workers/citizens.

The common Vision of all members of Geneva School District 304 is to assist every student to become:

  • Self-directed, lifelong learners who enjoy the challenge of learning; are self-confident and goal-oriented; and demonstrate physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being.

  • Effective communicators who assess, interpret, and respond to information by reading, listening, and questioning; convey meaning in writing, verbally, visually, numerically, and artistically; and use appropriate technology.

  • Complex, creative, and adaptive thinkers who apply academic knowledge, skills, and strategies to gather and interpret information to solve problems; create intellectual, artistic, and practical products that reflect quality and originality; and analyze the effectiveness of their decisions and solutions.

  • Collaborative workers/citizens who recognize the advantages of diversity and cooperation; show concern, tolerance, and respect; demonstrate leadership and/or group skills; demonstrate actions that mutually benefit self and others; and assume responsibility for their actions, locally and globally.

The GAF also supports 5 of the primary goals of the 304 Board of Education

Learning and Teaching

  • Continuously improve the caliber, content, and assessment of instruction through the regular review of student learning and instructional methods.

Financial Resources

  • Develop strategies to ensure sufficient resources are available and effectively managed.

    Parents and Community

  • Improve communication and interaction with the community to foster shared goals, values, trust, and support.

Student Health and Well-Being

  • Provide a safe and secure educational environment for students.

    Technology Integration

  • Maximize learning and teaching through the integration of technology.

Foundation 2020


Classroom our Core Mission of funding Teacher Grants and Classroom grants that Enrich the Student Experience.

The common Vision of all members of Geneva School District 304 is to assist every student to become:

  • Self-directed, lifelong learners
  • Effective communicators
  • Complex, creative, and adaptive thinkers
  • Collaborative workers/citizens

Grants across all classroom studies including: Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Speaking, World Language, Math, Science, Technology, Engineering, Social Studies, History, Business in addition to others.

Examples: Stand Up Desks, multiple classroom Smartboards, computers, software, more detailed examples on Website at - Grants

College and Career Readiness, Prepare for a life after high school whether the choice is to attend college, enter the workforce or obtain career technical training.
  • Annual Scholarships to graduating GHS Seniors

  • Next Gen Technical Training, Vocational school, Fox Valley Career Center

Examples: Annual scholarships are given to two graduating Geneva High School seniors ($1000 ea. Scholarship), funding for much of the equipment in GTV television studio –for students pursuing careers in broadcasting.

Cultural Arts Support the Next Generation of students in Visual and Performing Arts
  • Art, Music, Theater, Clubs

Examples: DECA iPads for tradeshows, SmartPens and MAC computers for GHS art classes, funding for French Language singer/performer for the students taking class.

Community Support a strong stable family, support for all students in school
  • Student services, early education intervention, counselors, family engagement

  • Focused through mentoring, tutoring, tracking, guidance and support services

  • Student health, Physical Education

  • Aligned to District 304 Purpose …desire to learn…needs of the individual.

Examples: Multiple grants for various PE classes including heart rate monitors and a physical challenge game for Geneva’s Middle Schools and Elementary Schools.


We will create additional opportunities for the community to partner with GAF over the next 5 years through our 5 year plan, Foundation 2020.

  • We would like organizations, groups and individuals to enjoy working toward common goals with their interests and strengths close at heart and aligned to our GAF Mission.

  • Our Focus areas will be driven by new strategies aligned with the best practices of educational foundations nationwide and the District 304 Vision.

The GAF Goals will be supported by our new strategies which align with the best practices of educational foundations nationwide.

1. Share our story, new 5 Year Plan and Endowment Plan

2. Grow funding

3. Grow Partnerships

The GAF Strategies will support the next generation of the foundation:

Strategy 1 An Education Foundation must be treated as a business

  • Reaffirm Vision/Mission/Values and create Goals/Strategies document

  • Website with Charity Advantage

  • Updated By-Laws

  • Gold level GuideStar rating, #1nonprofit rating service GuideStar

Strategy 2 Know the funding priorities of your district

  • Interview and gain Input from District Geneva304 Board, Principals, Teachers

  • Align some foundation funding priorities with the districts strategic plan, allow flexibility

    • A) Priority 1. Learning and Teaching - Continuously improve the caliber, content, and assessment of instruction

    • B) Priority 2. Parents and Community - Improve communication and interaction with the community to foster shared goals, values, trust, and support.

Strategy 3 Build a strong and educated Board

  • Goal of 30 Board members for a full Board.

  • Goal of Top 25 in National Dashboard Stepping UP division 4 (Geneva is Div 4)

  • Member pf the NSFA, National School Foundation Association

Strategy 4 Build Endowment one step at a time

  • Set a Goal. $1,000,000 campaign

  • Make one-on-one contacts.

  • Move funds to Community Foundation for Professional Investment Management

Strategy 5 Operate with a Five-Year Plan

  • Vision/Mission/Values/Goals named: Foundation 2020

  • Build $1mm endowment, strengthen partnership with business

Strategy 6 Create and Compare foundation to Peers

  • Use comparison report 2015 from Stepping UP

  • Goal of Top 25 in National Dashboard Stepping UP division 4 (where Geneva is)

  • # Volunteers: 100 available to foundation (Debs list for G.I.V.E. and other Volunteers)

  • # Students in District 6000

  • # Grants TOTAL since 1987 Number of grants

  • $ Dollars Granted / Year 2015, 8 grants for total $26,036, Year 2014, 11 grants for a total of $34,869.36.

  • $ Dollars Granted TOTAL since 1987 $1,300,000

  • $ Revenues …….$ 59,370

  • $ Revenue/student $9.89

  • $ Assets ….current $425,000

  • $ Assets/Student $70.83

  • $ Investment Income $3000

Strategy 7 Develop all opportunities of Fundraising

  • Annual fund goals $25,000 in 2016, 25,000 in 2017, 25,000 in 2018, 25,000 in 2019, 35,000 in 2020.

  • Endowment fund goal $1,000,000 by 2025

  • Membership drive in School registration packet event…

  • Honor Bricks Buy a Brick program - revenue neutral to the District.

  • Create a Gala in 2017 for GAF 30th anniversary in 2017

  • Chicago Steel Hockey event, Geneva Idol Karaoke

  • Create fundraisers that bring parents and supporters together for fun

Strategy 8 Develop Committees - drive speed, effectiveness and efficiency

  • Establish committees to drive workflow and manage time for all board members

  • Establish structure of the organization and how roles and responsibilities of each committee and Officer

  • Communications Committee, Endowment Committee, Finance Committee, Fundraising Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Volunteer/Membership Committee, Scholarships and Grants.

document updated 2-10-2018