Welcome to a new way to donate to the GAF.  


New in 2017 and beyond, the GAF has partnered with the Community Foundation of Fox River Valley with offices in Geneva and Aurora.
How does it work to donate here?  We have set up our fund accounts for the GAF and they manage taking in funds and investing too.
We have a direct link to their website.  It is very secure.  They manage over 500 fund accounts for various families and non profits.   It can be done via PHONE, US Mail, email
OR IN PERSON and Online.  You can donate anonymously too !!
If you would like to speak to them about a information concerning a gift/donation, you may call or email them too. 
Some of our Donors gift STOCK - the Community Foundation sells it and deposits the funds into the GAF account.   Very easy for them to do.  You can donate Anonymously too!!
The information for them is: