Geneva and Blackberry not as high as other townships. 

Which Townships Have the Highest, Lowest Property Tax Bills in Kane County?

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  • Editor’s Note: This is the fourth in a series of articles on Kane County Connects regarding the 2016 property taxes that are payable in 2017. Tax bills will be available on the Kane County Treasurer’s Office website starting April 26 and sent out to Kane County residents starting April 28, 2017.

    Plato Township led the league with the highest average tax bill per parcel, according to statistics share by the Kane County Treasurer's Office based on 2016 property taxes payable in 2017 for a home valued at $250,000.

    The lowest on the list this year was Geneva Township, where a resident with a $250,000 home will pay $7,298. is there that much difference between the average tax bills of each township? Mostly it has to do with which taxing districts fall within each township. Since school districts take the biggest chunk of property tax revenues — an average of about 68.7 percent — that's the unit of government that's going to have the most impact of bringing those averages up or down.

    The Kane County Treasurer’s Office provides the chart you see below each year to  give homebuyers an estimate of what a tax bill amount will be in different geographic locations within the county.

    It's important to note that each resident's actual tax bill may vary significantly from estimates given in the chart. For specific information on tax rates, contact the County Clerk's Tax Extension Office at 630-232-5964. For specific information on exemptions, contact the Supervisor of Assessments Office at 630-208-3818.

    Average Tax Bill By Township for $250,000 Home (Highest to Lowest)

1.  Plato Township — $8,634

2.  Elgin Township — $8,560

3.  Burlington Township — $8,489

4.  Dundee Township — $8,483

5.  Sugar Grove Township — $8,467

6.  Aurora Township — $8,457

7.  Virgil Township — $8,383

8.  Kaneville Township — $8,196

9.  Blackberry Township — $7,962

10.    Hampshire Township — $7,758

11.    Big Rock Township — $7,764

12.    Rutland Township — $7,711

13.    Batavia Township — $7,652

14.    Campton Township — $7,338

15.    St. Charles Township — $7,415

16. Geneva Township — $7,298



Estimate of Average Property Tax Bill by Township

SOURCE: Kane County Treasurer's Office news release

For More Information

  • For questions about exemptions or appeals, call the County Assessment Office at 630-208-3818 or visit

  • For questions about how tax rates are developed, call the Kane County Clerk at (630) 232-5964 or visit

  • For questions about tax bills or payments, call the Kane County Treasurer at (630) 232-3565 or visit